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The Roller Coaster Ride is Over

by Serlee

By now everyone has heard the good news. The Waco Wizards are alive and kicking. What a day for the fans of the wizards. The press conference was attended by Majority owner Rick Dames, minority owners Stu and Sue Kehoe, and also in attendance Brad Treliving vice president and director of hockey operations for the WPHL. The roller coaster ride is over with the "OFFICIAL" announcement that the Wizards have been sold and will remain in Waco.

The room was packed with the local media and with some very excited fans waiting to for the announcement they came to hear. They also got an added bonus with the naming of a new coach Kevin Abrams(who will be in town next week). After questions had been asked by the local media and fans. The owners and league official went around shaking hands and meeting the thankful fans. After the press conference the owners made their way to KKTK 1460 for the local sports talk show and answered more questions on they had planned for the franchise. The team has signed a 5 year lease with the Heart of Texas Colosseum.

Stu and Sue Kehoe will be moving to Waco to run the team's day to day operations. Stu Kehoe has a great background in the minor league sports business. He made it clear that getting season ticket and corperate sells are high on the list. Also, being involved in the community with charities, school and other organizations are priorities. The new owners are dropping anchor for the long haul.